Recruitment - Ethos and Beliefs

Here at Wisteria House we want the staff team to feel proud and worthy of the care that they offer and receive.  Receiving a compliment or getting noticed by any of your working colleagues is fantastic and rewarding but a smile or a hug from the people who live in the home, we feel is one of the best part of our working and caring role.

Although families can be generous with their compliments but on rare occasions we feel that some families can treat the staff team in away we feel is not acceptable, please report this to any of the Leadership team and we will firmly address this issue.  We would not want this to happen to anyone, we do want you to have positive feelings about your chosen working role in life.

Safety of the individuals living in the home and the staff team is paramount, the Registered Manager for Compliance, Leanne Gale's main duty is to ensure that we have:-

"Sufficient well trained staff to safety meet the needs of the people living in the home".

So if you feel we do not have sufficient staff, ineffective training, inappropriate equipment for you to safely carry out your role you must let her know.  She will endeavour to get this fixed as soon as possible.  We would not like you to feel overworked, stressed, and definitely not receive injury to yourself or the people living in the home which could have been prevented.

Owner Louise, has always had strong beliefs that the staff team should feel empowered, they should be involved within the decision making of the homes.  The Leadership team have embraced the ethos surrounding empowerment and have grown in their Leadership skills for the benefit of all concerned, this has been a journey of improvement and continues to flourish each year.  Each of the Wisteria Homes are managed slightly differently this is down to the empowerment from the staff team.

We all like to see and feel apart of a happy staff team, we encourage and reflect constantly on team spirit and working in a supportive environment, we hope you do too.  For all staff wishing to progress within chosen care career path, we reflect carefully on how each member of staff is supportive to all of the staff team.  For example we like to lead by example - all managers at Wisteria Woolwell take a fair share of working at weekends, bank holidays and over the Christmas period.  We do not employ anyone who is not willing to be supportive of others.  Upon asking the staff team what do you think are the benefits of working at Wisteria House are, one of the replies that frequently came up was an approachable leadership team.