Regretfully visiting guidelines are subject to change due to Covid 19 restrictions, please contact the manager for up to date information, we will email latest information to you as it occurs.

Outside of Covid restrictions please read on,

We like to be flexible when it comes to visiting times and have an ‘Open House’ policy.

We encourage visitors to be involved in supporting their loved ones, although we do realise this is not for everyone. Please feel free to pop in to see your loved ones at anytime, make a cup of tea from the kitchenette and while away an hour or two, it makes such a positive difference to your friends and relatives. Join them for a meal or a snack, you will be made to feel very welcome.

These are some examples we have seen with good responses:-

  • Daughters assisting with beauty care – nail polishing or hair setting.
  • Men shaving their father's face.
  • Watering the plants together.
  • Going for a walk together.
  • Assisting with creating a Life History Book.
  • Knitting together.
  • Joining us for a meal, the roasts are pretty good, all meals are free to visitors.
  • Do a jigsaw together.
  • Your children and friendly pets are most welcome and generally valued by the people living in the home.
  • Just taking someone for a car drive can be very uplifting.
  • The list is endless you may like to get some ideas from our photo gallery or just ask the staff team, we are full of fresh ideas.

We also like to actively encourage people to experience the home before choosing to live here, you would be welcome to come for dinner.