Wisteria House sits within a one acre garden with many listed tree's offering sunny areas and also lovely areas of dapple shade.  One of the particularly large beech trees just outside the garden lounge has a light show which can be lit up at night.  The garden offers particuarly good security to all sides and is suitable for people who are a higher risk of falls.  

We have easy access to our large patio just off the Garden Room which has plenty of tables and chairs with comfy cushions, this area will be very popular when visitors stay for dinner, drinks, snacks with their relatives and friends. For people using wheelchairs or specialist chairs there is easy access to the patio area. There is a large stock of garden activity 'stuff' from blowing bubbles to various bats, balls, skipping ropes, hoola hoops, etc which can also be used by visiting children. A path leads from the patio past our snug sun trap bench then through an arch and onto a circular path with many interesting items to see enroute. From here you can sit and enjoy the sunshine and listen to the birds and watch the squirrels! Occasionally you may be lucky enough see our gardener mowing or weeding. We have also a double swing which is an excellent way of distracting our more mobile people living in the home as a way of reducing stress in good weather.  

We intend to purchase an incubator to hatch our own chickens to go into our Chicken coop yearly, we encourage the people living in the home to be very much part of the chickens lives to include the collecting of the eggs.  





Behind our sheds we have a more productive garden area where we can grow runner beans, tomatoes, strawberries and lots of herbs, some people living in the home will get involved in planting but most are more inclined to help with picking the vegetables and herbs that we grow, some people also enjoy watering our plants.  Our gardener always appreciates help and any advice on offer. There is a concrete path that allows easy and safe access.  

In our sensory garden, we grow plants that give off familiar smells, such as mint, rosemary, curry plant, fennel and basil, which will be popular with the people living in the home as it surrounded on all sides and shaded and away from any breeze which can cause issues with people living a Dementia.  

At the back of the home we have another garden, the woodland garden which is designed to be visually stimualting. You can spot the array of woodland creatures that live here. The pathways are on a level access and is a particularly nice area when in a wheelchair. It also proves popular with people who are able to walk short distances, but are able to see many things in such a short distance with seating areas to rest en route. 


To the side of the woodland we have a Hosta garden with a bench this is the quietist part of the garden.

Dartmoor is just a short drive away, we hope to enjoy many trips out and about.

In the summer we will bring out the paddling pool which is well used for feet dipping, we have a couple of BBQ parties, a childrens sports day and any other reason to have a party and improve the quality of life for the people living in the home.