The staff team value regular celebrations that we hold, as you will see in our photo gallery, which we will add to all the time, meanwhile you can see what goes on in our other homes on our Facebook page, Wisteria House Dementia Care Ltd Plymstock. It’s not just about the fun on the day, it’s also about the preparation too.  Most people enjoy helping with the preparations, from making of decorations to icing cakes. Ladies enjoy having their hair done and their nails polished the day before, it all adds to the excitement. All the staff team work particularly hard the day before, making sure they will have less to do on a celebration day, just like most people do on Christmas Day. This allows us to relax, get involved and have some fun with the people who live in the home. We also rota in more staff on a celebration day and the managers try extra hard not to book any appointments that day and get out of the office and join in with the fun.

Who would want to go through life without things to look forward to?


The staff team encourage independence and generally helping out around the home. This can come in many forms, from an individual holding the peg basket and passing the pegs as the staff put the washing out, watering the plants, cleaning the brass, washing up in the kitchen, laying the tables for the next meal, sweeping the floors, dusting their bedrooms, as in your own home the list is endless! We realise this is not for all, however some people really do take pride in these jobs. We as a staff team put a lot of thought into the compliments that we give, as we believe this helps people to feel more worthy, of which of course people living with a Dementia need more of. 

Who would want to go through life without the occasional compliment?

We encourage the staff team to create situations that allow the people living in the home to ‘mother or parent’ them, especially the younger members of staff, this is wonderful for promoting self esteem. This can be a gentleman showing a member of staff how to waltz, a lady showing a member of staff how to knit, giving cooking tips to the younger staff. Seeing a younger member of staff just sitting on the floor whilst a lady brushes her hair is very heart warming to watch. Letting the people who live in the home know that you are tired and would ‘love a hug’, etc. These are all great at adding meaning and purpose to one’s life. 


As a person’s Dementia progresses their ability to join in with group activities decreases. They have fewer lucid moments and tend to sleep more and more. At this point in time the staff team do not stop activities, we take a different approach, we look to the basic senses, such as touch and sound. Here are some of the stimulations we use:-

Therapeutic music such as nature sounds from birds, the sound of the sea, the sound of children playing, etc.

  • Hand massage
  • Foot spa
  • Slowly brushing of hair with soft brushes
  • Stroking of the face with different soft textured material
  • Pets bring on more lucid moments
  • Just watching group activities
  • Sitting on the patio with a member of staff in gentle sunlight
  • A pillow case full of different senses to touch