"This place is unique.  They have theme days where staff dress up and if it's your birthday they make you feel important and always make a cake"

"People, including me, are safe here. Staff are very vigilant and anything out of place the staff will deal with quickly"
"I do feel safe living here"

"Staff - they couldn't be better"

"Food - a bit too good!  You only have to look at me to see that!"

"Lovely food, couldn't ask for better, always plently of it"

"They are very good and very kind; they take me to watch Argyle"

"If you have to go to a care home this is the best place you can come to"

"Damm good care here!"

"They spoil me! I haven't been well but they looked after me very well.  I have everything I want"

"They don't take long to come when I use the bell"



"Very dedicated"

"Very good and very kind"

"Staff do a great job-they do a difficult job well"

"Dad is very happy and very safe living here.  We are pleased he came here"

"Safe - definately - I know what to look out for and I have no concerns"

"There is always someone around which keeps people safe"

"My relative said she likes it here - that's enough for me"

"My job involves working in elderly care so I know what to look for and all is well here"

"Dad is always well cared for"

"Thank you for all you done for mum we really appreciated it.  You took a lot of worry off our shoulders.  Mum only ever had good thing to say about the home"

"Thank you so much for all your care, while he was with you.  We as a family are very grateful"

"They always let me know what is going on"

"I have not had any complaints"

"They (the provider and registered manager) are perfect to run the home together- they balance each other out"

"(manager and owner) very supportive, always make themselves available to us, they are both approachable"


"Of all the care homes they visited this was their favourite"

"the staff aproach is very good - very dedicated"

"End of life care was thoughtful, capassionate and palliative care specialist advice sought when needed"

"the staff have genuine feelings towards residents"

"well care for, particular those needing significant levels of care"

"the service always appearing hapy with lots of stimulative activities going on"

"Never had any concerns about the service"

A  Small Selection of Thank You Cards Kept at the Home

“Thank you to everyone for looking after dad so well during his time at Wisteria. Your care and kindness was very much appreciated by us and we know that dad was very content there.  His requests to place our post cards on the ‘mantle piece’ meant that he believed he was in his own home”.

“I have worked in two care homes and they were never as friendly as this. I can see the staff are always doing something and always involved and I can see auntie is happy. Keep up the good work!”

“Thank you all for all your kindness to Paul and myself and most of all the care you gave to (extended family member)”.

“We know that you will all be feeling very sad at (brother) passing away, but hope this card will cheer you up and help you to know how well you cared for him. He seemed so happy with you and you all had a great understanding of his needs”.

“Thank you for all your love and care of (mum) over the years. You know David and I found things difficult but we will always be grateful to you all”.

“Thank you for all your care and support that you gave dad and to us as a family, love and regards”.

“I would like to say to all of you thank you all and God bless, for the wonderful work you do and all the care you give”.

“Please accept this token for all the help, support and affection which you all gave to my brother”.

“To all the very dear hardworking staff, thank you from the bottom of my heart”.

“I am writing to express our thanks for the consideration and hospitality shown to us by your staff during our visit. We were made extremely welcome and it was evident to us that you have some wonderful staff, and that (auntie) is very well cared for. Please be sure to pass on our thanks to them!”