What we pride ourselves on...

The Wisteria House staff team try to make each new day a happy day with many things to look forward to. Our aim is to create a homely atmosphere where you can feel relaxed and comfortable, where staff can sit and talk to you about any worries that you may have and give you a hug if it’s welcomed.  Each member of staff comes across as a friend, who can assist you with any difficulties that you may have and help you to focus on the things that you can do rather than leaving you to dwell on the things you can't. 

We hope that we do not come across as a well organised institution, that places pride on a staff uniform, a tidy home where nothing can be touched, where individuals are bored and have nothing to look forward to, or a staff team who are controlling and automatically feel they know best.

We pride ourselves on the smiles that we receive, and even better if we receive a smile on approaching you as evidence that you were anticipating a positive conversation. The staff team believe that fun, feelings, friendship and affection are equally as important as the health of your body.  We hope you do to!

Homes aims and values

We have a simple but central focus to our homes aims and values:-

'Quality of Life through Relationship Care'

Our Leadership Aims and Values, which we ask ourselves regularly:-

'How often are the staff team feeling 'Worthy and Proud' - keep the focus on Quality of Life of 'BOTH' the people living and working within the home.

We also value Andrea Sutcliffe (Chief Inspector of Social Care for Care Quality Commission) - 'MUMS TEST' is our home worhty of someone you love and care for, my nan lived at Wisteria House, Stoke. I would not hesitate for any member of my family to live in any of my homes.