About the managers 



   Louise Collins - Owner

Maximising the profits is not for me, although I understand my responsibilities to keep Wisteria financially safe. Wisteria is not ‘work’ for me, I love learning anything about Dementia, I have achieved many modules at Masters level to include Person Centred Care, Training in Dementia Care, Leadership in Dementia care, Consultancy in Dementia Care, Safeguarding Adults etc, focusing on quality of life for a personliving with Dementia, through Surrey University and Dementia Care Matters. Careful if you catch me talking about Dementia, I am passionate about the subject and ‘I can go on a bit’ – YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

I feel I can relate to most people who cares for a person with Dementia as my youngest son, now in his twenties, is diagnosed as being severely autistic and developmentally delayed, he can suffer with varying levels of stress. I feel my son has given me extra intuition surrounding anxiety in a person with Dementia.

I feel I am lucky to have a passionate and hard working manager, Carole, who I respect and trust. Carole has a better understanding compared to me, on issues surrounding health of the body, medications and care at end of life. With her supporting Trainee Registered Manager, Carrie and Deputy Manager Karen, I am able to do the things I love doing in life  – studying everthing and anything relating to Dementia, delivering training in Dementia care and getting stuck in with activities, especially the themed parties.


   Carol Ham -  Registered Manager

I love the feel of a community spirit that revolves around the home, the way that each and every person who lives here is able and encouraged to treat Wisteria House as their own home, I strive to give a sense of belonging and well being with the freedom to live their life as they choose without having to feel restricted in any way. If I personally choose to do my own thing in my own home and have a freedom of choice, then why shouldn’t a person who is living with Dementia?

Those who live at Wisteria House have the right to be respected and treated as individuals with each one bringing a different quality and experience for others to share and enjoy, each one with their own unique personality and stories to tell.

I am very enthusiastic about the need to offer cheerful banter and a sense of humour whilst encouraging the people who live in the home to form friendships and bonds with both staff and with each other within the environment.

As a manager I believe a good ‘role model’ is a very important part of leadership and would not expect any member of the staff team to engage in activities/tasks that I am not prepared to do myself.

When I need to update any personal files I ensure that I involve all staff team and family members as it is important to me that I gain a good understanding of people’s personalities and life history to reduce any potential fears or anxieties which may occur. 

I feel it’s very important to offer a choice to each individual at the end of their life, where they would like to live and what care/treatment they would like to receive when the time approaches. I feel it is a great honour to be entrusted to care for those who choose to remain with us at Wisteria House until the end of their life, to be trusted and respected by everyone concerning the individual is a great achievement and it makes what I strive to bring into the home worthwhile.