About the team

The quality and number of the staff team makes the difference between a good home and a bad home. Quality carpets with fine furnishings will not reduce fears or anxieties or help a person live positively with Dementia. The staff team and the welcoming atmosphere they create, the supportive and positive feelings each individual living in the home receives from the staff is crucial. 

On a normal day at Wisteria the staffing ratio is one to five (sometimes four), one member of staff  to five people living in the home. The average for the country is one to six. 

The staff interview process is taken very seriously at Wisteria House. The management team look out for ‘naturals’, people who take personal pleasure from creating a situation which enables a person with Dementia to live positively, basically they have a big heart and show it in abundance! Training and experience are of course important, but not if they are not naturals and lack intuition. The home, of course, as a standard criteria, obtains two recent references and receive an DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) formerly known as CRB and undertake a three month probation, present goverment guidance on Covid 19 Guidance on vaccinations for staff, before any person is fully recruited.

Our staff team are mostly long standing; some have worked in the home for more than 20 years, myself included. We feel this is a valuable asset to the home. Living with Dementia in a home where staff teams are constantly changing must be terribly difficult when life is already confusing enough.