Butterfly Award

As a team we are absolutely proud that after opening for just under 7 months, Wisteria House Plymstock received the highest award -Level 1 - Butterfly Award from Dementia Care Matters. This involved a 6 hour audit in which a consultant will observe the quality of life of the people living in the home, every 5 minutes in all the communual rooms. Based upon research the average home would receive a score of 20% for quality of life, to receive the highest award Level 1 you must receive 70% or above, Wisteria House Plymstock received 91% for Quality of Life being a first for a home recently opened for Dementia Care Matters.

   Some of the comments we received were:-

'The whole staff team show huge amounts of love, kindness and genuine regard for the people in all their interactions, which was both joyful and, at times, emotional to watch'

'The way in which the team created a sense of mutual receiprocity by enabling people living in the home to give as well as receive was the best the auditor has observed in any Butterfly home; with the older women washing and combing the hair of younger women care workers and doing each other's make up, hand massages and nail manicures in a companionable way'

'There was no controllign care in evidence throughout the whole day which is extremely unusual and a huge achievement'

'The pace of the day was clam and relaxed with the whole day being about sharing the day as friends and family'

'Brilliant mix of different opportunites to occupy people built into the natural flow of the day'

'A real sense of friendship between people living in the home facilitated by sitting closely on the sofa'

'Whilst the Owner is the clear driver on the strong focus on quality of life and occupation and the use of an exceptional range of props to create interactions, there was an encouraging sense that the whole team 'gets it' and that it is not reliant on her to make things happen; she has created a whole team, whole home approach to this with two strong and passionate managers leading and modelling it'


   Care Quality Commission - CQC 

The Care Quality Commission publishes the results of the most recent checks in care homes showing whether the care service is meeting each of the standards that the government expect. Wisteria House, Plymstock was inspected on 29th May 2018 and was delighted to receive 4 'Outstanding' ratings being the highest CQC rating in the Plymouth area at the time.  

To see our latest CQC inspection please follow the link:-

   Feedback from families

For further comments and feedback from families please click here.