Wisteria House, Plymstock

Wisteria House, Plymstock is designed for 20 elderly people living with a Dementia on a residential basis, offering 24 hour specialist care in a comfortable and familiar environment by a experienced staff team, our central focus is to offer quality of life. The management team of Kirsty and Rachel with the support of Louise also ensure through regular highly reflective workshops that the staff team feel proud, worthy and happy whilst caring for the people living at Wisteria House.

"My aim for the people living at Wisteria House is to firstly reduce stress and anxiety, by creating a world that is calming, friendly, affectionate and familiar.  Promoting choice and control over one's life that adds meaning and purpose.  Introducing activities, stimulation and independence to a level where individual's can experience living postively with Dementia'.  By Louise Collins, Owner.

At Wisteria House each person is treated as an equal, free to make their own choices in life, free to get up and go to bed when they like, wear what they like, eat where they like, join in with activities if they want to.  We have no set visiting times and welcome and support families and friends.  The staff team are very generous with affection and we like to have lot of fun moments as you will see from our many photographs.